The N_V Collections is a company of passionate sole, dedicated to carrying the most exclusive designs and showcasing the latest trends. My collections gives new life to your existing wardobe. 

Owner of N_V Lalondra Vance decided to indulge in her passions of fashion and modeling. To be a model is much more than a pretty face; modeling is a way of expression. It is an elegant way to tell a story, without using words. This shoe collection is an extension of her personality and creativity. Her collection gives new life to your existing wardrobe. To show movement in a still picture is such an incredible skill to possess, N_V Collection helps do just that. Modeling is a way of capturing all of life’s beauties and finding a way of placing them on a canvas, to cherish for a lifetime. This multi-talented Californian enjoys creating and recreating art in its entirety. Lalondra desires to build a promising future exploring business ventures within the fashion industry. She has the ability to gather knowledge and information from many areas of exposure.  

N_V encourages others with the constant reminder that “a person can wear whatever they feel! Just have confidence in it. My motto is.....If you want to dance? Dance like no one is watching, sing like there’s a concert and walk like you’re in a fashion show.” ~Lalondra~